Aug 22 + 23, 2018 | Roulette | Brooklyn

Jerry Goralnik’s Trip to Rehearsal

The day starts with some espresso.

Then I have to pick the hat to wear for the day.

Out the door onto the street in Brooklyn.

Past the vendors to the subway.

The 2 and 3 into rehearsal.

Listening to the sound files and following along with the music.

Out at 34th street.

Where I’m greeted by tour guides.

Down 34th street where I’m greeted by American advertising of the good life.

And pass by the real life.

Past 520 Eighth Ave. where a lot of us in the show go to audition for jobs.

To the corner of 37th Street where the rehearsal studio is.

Past some advertising for Coca-Cola, a company that funds death squads in countries where they get their raw materials.

Stopping in the grocery store to pick up something for lunch.

Where I meet one of my favorite people, Jake Margolin, another performer in the show.